Top 10 Rainy Day Activities For Kids!

When it rains, it pours….and its easy to run out of wet weather ideas to keep the kids busy! Here’s our list of extra rainy day activities for kids ideas to help you entertain the children in wet weather. We are fed up of being stuck inside…so these ideas assume that you have the right outdoor gear – and will keep you entertained outside in mild to moderate rain.

Kids Rainy Day Activities

Fun in the rain with the right outdoor gear!

Fun in the rain with the right outdoor gear!

1) Splash in puddles! It’s what rain is for – and kids do love it. Its a fun rainy day activity for kids. Get those matching rain coats, wellies and umbrellas (if you’re looking for one, a great gift idea for kids) and get down to the park! As long as its not also blowing a gale force wind, it can be great fun gadding about and splashing each other – even cosy in the right rain gear, plus it can be much needed exercise if the little ones have been inside all day.

2) Paint a rainbow! Sprinkle different colours of (washable) paint powder onto a patio or pavement and watch the rain turn it into a beautiful rainbow…or imagine other shapes and pictures in the swirls it creates.

3) Blow bubbles! Use bubble wands or a bubble machine to create a ‘raindrops and bubbles’ experience that will make kids smile from ear to ear!

4) Put up a tent in the garden and make it into a den. Eat a picnic in it, take binoculars and turn it into a wildlife hide.

5) Make paper boats and sail them down the drive or patio, where the water is traveling to the drain.

6) Create a rain catcher. We love this rainy day activity for kids. Choose a cylindrical plastic bottle and using a ruler, mark measurements in centimetres or inches from the bottom, up – or use stickers to mark the measurements and then your little one can help stick them on. Use a large piece of blue tack to hold it firm on the floor or if its windy, strap it to a thin tree trunk/post with packing tape or string. Keep checking the water level and take notes!

7) Go on a nature hunt! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Get your warm waterproof gear on and walk through a wood where the canopy will help with shelter. Deer, rabbits, foxes etc are more likely to be spotted in the rain – they can’t hear you coming as well as they can in the dry, plus they come out to find insects etc that are more prevalent in the rain. It’s an opportunity!

8) Explore waterfalls and rivers, as long as they aren’t flooding of course. ‘Pooh sticks’ are more exciting from a bridge where the water is flowing fast and waterfalls become even more spectacular. Use this time to see nature at its very best. A top rainy day activity for kids – that need the rain to make it work!

Child Walking

Go on a nature hunt in a forest!

9) If its a thunder storm, jump onto something yellow when its lightning and something brown when its thunder. Last one on gets a forfeit…makes thunder less frightening and more fun.

10) Search for a rainbow and laugh at your reflection in puddles. Sing rain related songs ‘Rain, rain go away, come back another day’, ‘Insy Winsy Spider’, ‘It’s Raining, Its Pouring’…using actions/act them out.

Don’t let the weather get the best of you, try our rainy day activities for kids, have fun and if you need some rainwear, check out our range of Stephen Joseph UK rain coats !



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